Liberalisation of women from economic, social and cultural bondage. Also visualize a harmonious society where the poor and disadvantaged children gets an opportunity for a better education.


Liberalisation of women from economic, social and cultural bondage. Also visualize a harmonious society where the poor and disadvantaged children gets an opportunity for a better education.


  • To encourage the women in the participation of the socio-economic developmental activities.

The Integrated Rural Development Service Organisation-IRDSO is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit making and non-governmental voluntary organization working for the cause of women. IRDSO works without regard for caste, race, community or religion.

IRDSO was established in the year 1986 by a group of dedicated social worker with the aim to provide help and opportunities of the rural people to integrate and promote co-operation, understanding and brotherhood.

It is registered with the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is also registered with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976………..

It is a platform for preparing and mainstreaming the communities especially for the women to be able to respond to developmental initiatives for the struggle for survival- economically, socially and environmentally so that the deprived class of community enjoys the fruit of human dignity resulting in transformation of their live and environment in which they live…..

Report on

Two days training on Leadership and Personality Development

A two days training on Leadership and Personality Development was organized by IRDSO on 27th and 28th October 2023 at the training hall of IRDSO, Wangjing. A total number of 29 women leaders from different villages attended the training. Tamthing Ruivanao, Director Development for Human Potential, Mantripukhri was the resource person of the training. The training starts at 10:30 am. Rebika Laishram Program coordinator gave a welcome address and a short introduction about the training.

Day 1

Ice Breaker: In this session each participant were asked

  • To introduce themselves and the reason for attending or their hope for the training.
  • To shared two qualities each participant has.

Session 1

The first session was facilitated by Nonibala Narengbam, Project Director. Before starting her session she asked the participants a question; Who Are You?Or Who Am I? She said we should understand ourselves. We should take care of ourselves.

Then she said that leadership and personality development is very important for a woman leader as there is a direct relationship between women’s involvement in social life and strengthening of values, attitudes and behavior that reflect free, fair and tolerant social interaction. However women’s ideas are often unsaid or unheard, even when women are present during discussions and decision making. She said, in community settings, or family

encounter, women may participate but still be invisible. She asked ‘Why is this?’ Therefore, women leaders need to develop leadership qualities and personality for inclusion of gender.

She also asked the participants to identify who are their Inspiration and Role Model to become a woman leader.

The second session was facilitated by Tamthing Ruivanao. He also starts his session with the question; Who are you? He explain the four dimensions of Human; physical, Spiritual, Social and Mental. These dimensions are interdependent and influence each other. He also said that when one dimension is out of balance, the other dimensions are affected. He also explains how these four dimensions play an important role in leadership skill and personality development. Therefore, one should understand ourselves. And we should respect to each other.

 Day 1 session ended with a light refreshment.

End of day 1

Day 2

Session for day 2 starts 11:00 am with a quick revision of day 1. First session was facilitated by Tamthing Ruivanao. He starts the session with the importance of 5W and 1H; What, Why, Who/Whom, When, Where and How. He said when we are planning for any programs or other things we should do according to 5W and 1H. 5W and 1H are very important in leadership skill and personality development.                                               

He explained the leadership qualities; Integrity, Just, Honest, Humble/Respectful, Visionary, Courageous, Positive, Dynamic, Initiative, Charismatic, Patience and Motivational.

He further explained leadership skills such as set goal, visionary, smart/intelligent, Resourceful, Time management, Creative etc.He also shared about the importance of planning, monitoring and evaluation in personal development. He quoted;

Important and urgent: Do it at once

Important, not urgent: Plan it

Urgent and not important: Delegate it

Not urgent and not important: Forget it.

The second session was facilitated by Nonibala Narengbam. She starts her session with role of women leader. She said that women are the main actors in building a healthy community. She said in many parts of the world, women’s right are still evolving, so women can play a major role in reducing gender inequality to better shape community development.

She continues that women are advocates for social justice. So women leaders should strive for equity in the community and should practice justice in daily lives by standing up for each other, teaching children and adults in community, advocating women’s rights at meetings.

She also gave an example with half-filled water bottle. She said that someone sees only the empty part of the bottle and thought negatively and someone sees the half- filled part and thought positively. Each individual has positive and negative energy. Most of us sees someone’s negative side and ignore positive side. But if you want to develop your leadership skill and personality, first you must think about positively and think negativity later. We should extract someone’s positivity not the negativity.

She concludes the session with a quote;

“When a Bird is alive it eats ants.

When the Bird has died…ants eat it.

One tree can be made into millions of matchsticks…but only one

Matchstick is need to burn a million trees!”

Meaning: Circumstances can change at any time. Don’t Devalue or Hurt anyone in this life…You may be powerful today but TIME is more powerful than You!!

Day 2 session was ended with alight refreshment and photo session.